About the Doctor

Meet Our Mount Vernon Physiatrist

Christine Sapka

Our Mount Vernon Physiatrist at Innovative Physical Medicine & Rehab, P.C. — formerly Wellness Medical Care — is an expert in diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal pain. As a physiatrist, Dr. Christine Sapka, M.D., FAAPMR handles all cases completely on site. She is an expert in the treatment of nerve, muscle, and bone injuries.

Dr. Sapka is Board Certified by the American Board of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, and also performs in electro-diagnostics testing. Her abilities allow her to accurately pinpoint problems and help patients by enhancing their performance without the need for surgery. She effectively helps patients restore maximum function that has been lost through injury, illness, or disease.

Discuss your needs with us during your initial consultation.

Should I call Innovative Physical Medicine & Rehab, P.C.?

With sensitivity, positivity, and patience, our rehabilitation team helps patients regain their independence using the most advanced equipment and techniques available. Furthermore, at our Mount Vernon Physical Therapy office, we encourage family members to be part of the patient’s healing and care process by providing education, counsel, and ongoing support.

Call us if you or someone you love fits into a scenario such as those listed here:

  • The patient has suffered a car accident (No-Fault)
  • The patient has suffered a work related injury (Workers’ Compensation)
  • The patient has suffered from a personal injury (such as a slip & fall accidents, injuries occurring at school, sports-related injuries and injuries resulting from an assault)
  • The patient is recovering from surgery
  • The patient has been diagnosed with a chronic condition that has left him / her in pain and with limited movement
  • The patient suffers from a disease that detrimentally impacts his / her energy and mobility
  • The patient is recovering from a stroke or other form of nerve-related damage
  • The patient suffers from chronic arthritic pain, serious back problems, or a repetitive stress injury
  • The patient suffers from obesity-related pain and mobility loss and has difficulty exercising
  • The patient believes he or she is too elderly to be in an exercise program
  • The patient has experienced a life change that has created new physical challenges, such as childbirth or menopause

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