Diagnostic Testing

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At our Mount Vernon physical therapy facility, we handle each patient’s individual case on a unique and singular basis. We develop treatment plans customized to each clients’ specific needs, often invoking multiple disciplines in order to optimally help our patients. Led by Christine Sapka, M.D., our rehabilitation team focuses on helping each and every patient restore full health and optimal mobility.

The first step is always finding the root of the problem. Identifying what is causing pain or misalignment is crucial. At Innovative Physical Medicine & Rehab, P.C., we use specialized testing to allow us to determine what is causing our patients’ pain or discomfort. Electro-diagnostic testing can help us diagnose pain or weakness in the back, neck, or hands.

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How do electro-diagnostic tests help confirm a diagnosis?

There are specific types of electro-diagnostic tests that we use to help diagnose pain, weakness, or numbness. One type of test, Electromyography or “EMG” tests, examine electrical activity in the muscles, and record the data for analysis.

The EMG test is often used to diagnose symptoms in the extremities, such as:

  • Radiculopathy
  • Nerve disorders
  • Muscle disorders
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Nerve conduction studies or “NCS” are the other form of electro-diagnostic testing. These tests are used to diagnose damage or dysfunction in the nerves. These tests, the NCS and EMG, are often performed in conjunction. Both can be completed in an hour or less, and together, they can help your doctor reach a diagnosis.

Functional Capacity Evaluations

Finally, functional capacity evaluations or “FCE” is a series of tests and observations designed to establish a patient’s mobility and strength. The FCE is often used to help establish a patient’s ability to return to work following a prolonged rehabilitation, as well as rehabilitation recommendations.

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